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Event Coordination

As well as supplying everything you need to host your event. Finishing Touches can also provide an event co-ordinator or organiser to either work alongside you to ensure that everything runs smoothly or to organise your complete event taking all the stress and worries away from you leaving you free to enjoy the day. If you are interested in having this complete package please mention this when discussing your requirements.


Room Transformation

The Finishing Touches team can transform the look of the complete room or supply sparkling backdrops behind a top table. If you would like to change the walls, the curtains and even the carpet for your event then our professional team can perform miracles! From years of our experience and utilising a combination of stunning portable starcloths or themed walls, drapes and carpets in a variety of colours the amazing transformation takes place. Having transformed the room we can then theme and co-ordinate your table linen and chair covers to whatever you desire.


Table Linen

The table setting you prepare for your guests sets the tone of your event and makes a statement about you. Linen is probably the most personal item on the table and its quality is visible and tangible. Colour and fell are important aspects of the experience for your guests.


By coordinating or contrasting colours you can create a vivid display. The furniture can be used to carry your colour scheme; different seat pads or covers may match or contrast with your dominant colour to put the Finishing Touches to a theme or design.


You can choose from a wide range of linen colour selections and match this to a variety of size's to suit any requirement.



Banqueting Chairs: wooden gilt easy to handle, comfortable to use good to look at - that's our range of banqueting chairs. With a whole range of colours of seat pads to blend in with your colour scheme.

Bistro Chairs: Gold, white or black available, easy to handle, very comfortable to use and good to look at. Again with a whole range of colours of seat pads to blend in with your colour scheme.

Café Chair Aluminium: Ideal for bar areas and exterior use.

Child high chair.



Chair  Covers

We can supply a vast array of colours and styles to suit for both of our chairs and all hotel chairs, whether with bows, wraps or ties; all chairs can be transformed to co-ordinate to your event.



It's in the nature of our business that all our furniture has to be highly portable while standing solidly without leaning or tipping when it’s set up. We supply tables in all forms and dimensions, and we’ll recommend what’s going to suit your event when we consult with you.

5ft round tables seat between 8 - 10 people.

4ft round tables seat between 6 - 8 people.

3ft round tables, intimate table for 2 - 4 people, (ideal for cake table).

6ft round or for larger top table an oval table: Expandable to suit your needs.

Trestle tables 6ft and 4ft, ideal for dining, bar and catering use.

Café table Aluminium, ideal for bar areas and exterior use.

Poseur Aluminium ideal for bar and reception area.


Event Furniture

A stock of all those things that you guess you might need but never know where to find. If your event involves controlling large numbers of people, you’ll want barrier posts with rope. You’ll need coat racks, easels for seating plans. Exhibition screening. Portable Dance Floor; Black and White or Wooden parquet. Whatever you are looking for, ask us and we’ll find it.


Churchills Classic White Tableware

A superb range of tableware to complement any event. This versatile collection of plain crisp white china mixes easily with any company in any setting, from black tie dinners to buffet lunches. The style is classic.
11" Dinner Plate

9" Fish Plate

8" Fish Plate

6" Side Plate

Cup and Saucer

Soup Bowls

Dessert Bowls


Sugar Bowls

Cream Jugs

Butter Dishes

Also available square dinner plates and square starter plates


Cutlery hire

Dubarry Cutlery.

An elegant style from pre-revolutionary France.


Table Fork

Small Fork

Table Knife

Small Knife

Soup Spoon

Dessert Spoon

Tea Spoon

Table Serving Spoon


Kitchen Utensils

Hot Cupboards

5 gallon Sauce Pans

Soup Ladles

Chopping Boards

Baking Trays 24"

Fish Kettle

Water Boilers

Large Serving Spoons

Various Storage Boxes

Roasting Trays


Table settings of crockery and cutlery are heat sealed in packs of 10 for ease.



Where do we start? Wine, Slim Jims, Flutes, Saucers, Cocktail, Liquer, Port, shots and jugs - all shapes and sizes for sipping, downing or quaffing. Glassware for every thirst.

Sherry Glass

Wine Glass  8.25

Champagne Flute

Champagne Saucer

Martini Glass

Slim Jims  8oz 10oz or 12oz

Jugs Various

Anti slip service trays


Beverage Equipment 

Strictly practical but still handsome, these beverage preparation and storage items are designed with an eye to safety too.



Keep food properly chilled for hygiene reasons and to preserve its texture and flavour. This range of equipment does the job of refrigeration, and units come in various sizes to cover particular needs.



Chafing Dish with Lid

Fuel for Chafing Dish

Table Warmers

Stainless Steel Veg Dishes 12" Oval

Stainless Steel flat 18" Oval

Ceramic Veg Dishes Oval

White Ceramic Salad Bowls

Glass Salad Bowls

Serving Tongs

Cake Slice

Wedding Cake Stand with Knife

Tea Light Holders

Table Stands

Wicker Bread Baskets

White Plastic Plate Clip

Mirror Tiles (various sizes)

Glass Vases; hurricane, fishbowl



Plus much more, call us today for an informal chat on 01624 844959





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